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Birmingham & Midland Orchid Society


to Birmingham & Midland Orchid Society

 We are a friendly group of people who get together to share an interest in growing orchids.

 Our meetings usually have a guest speaker talking about their current passion aided by slides or movies. The subjects can range from growing or conserving orchids from an area of the world or from a family or type (eg. fragrant ones). Other talks can be about more practical subjects like re-potting, pest control, growing conditions (window sills, wardian cases etc.). Some speakers are professionals that bring plants and hardware that will be for sale.

 The talks usually resume after a tea/coffee break around half way and finish off with a Q & A session which drifts into general chatting and finally ends around 5.00pm.

  People of any age and at any stage in the hobby (even before but thinking about it) are more than welcome to drop in and see what we do. We try to be a social group as well as an Orchid group.

Any questions, have a word with Pam Grove on 0121 308 2414